My name is Mitri Jones, also known as, CEO of Mitri's Delights. I am an entrepreneur in the berry business where I not only provide the best dipped berries in San Diego, but I also offer a plethora of other services to make any event memorable.

I started Mitri’s Delights as just a fun thing to add jazz to my family parties in 2014. After seeing the reaction my decorated dipped strawberries would get at our events, I decided to take my craft to the next level. At that point, I began to dip any and everything that I could. I also decorated each item to fit any theme of a party or event. As time went on, my craft began to develop a huge following, and my peers and followers started to request my services at their events. Of course, I accepted as many requests as I could, and I broadened my services. Today, I am the proud owner of Mitri’s Delights with an amazing team. I still offer decorated desserts and candy tables for any event, but I now also provide event set-up such as tables, decorations, banners, backdrops, balloon arches, and other décor to take a party or event from basic to extravagant.

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